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Hello, I’m Hana!

As young as I can remember, I’ve been inquisitive about cameras. My grandparents were photographers and it feels natural to me to pick up a camera and photograph memories. My style of work is storytelling that brings colour, character and edginess.


I sit and look through our family photo albums over and over again. I'm a soppy bugger! I bloody love a memory flash back - whether that be monumental birthday party, parents wedding photos, or first school photos. I want to give to you that gorgeous memorable feeling when you receive your photos.


I'm a story teller and memory maker. I get to know your love story and find out how you met. It helps me know how you interact and the story of how they proposed. Because I get to know you a little more, it helps me capture your love story that much better.

I avoid poses and forced images when shooting, to create a more natural and in the moment photo. I aim to recreate your day so you can share these moments and retell your story. I will help demonstrate and guide you on your shoot to support your confidence infront of the camera and have fun! It's all about the giggles and relaxed natural moments I capture between you.


It’s important to me to capture the moments that mean the most to you. So if you’re looking for a photographer you can rely on for your big day to capture the moments and memories, you’re in the right place!

So if you’re looking for a photographer you can rely on for your big day to capture the moments and memories, I believe you’re in the right place.

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Get to know me

My bank balance is entirely spent on food. I grew up with many challenges around food, and it was only up until my early 20s I really found my feet with falling in love and discovery food. Me and my partner spend most of our time exploring new places to eat - he's vegan and I'm pescatarian. We love to explore new places, try new dishes and enjoy a good independent where feeding the soul is at the forefront of a business.  I've recently been tasked the plan to visit all the pubs in Somerset this year - good and bad ones! So when we have a spare weekend, we tend to complete a pub crawl around Somerset with our cocker spaniel Poppy, and complete a 'one pint review'. That being said, I love an appetiser as much as the next person, and will enjoy an iced Thatchers Zero from time to time!

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I've always said food is top tier therapy (can you tell I'm a foodie!), but not far behind it is music. I've been that person who's been to every gig for every band I've fallen in love with. At every show, I give it my all and it feeds me soul with happiness and content. I've been to many festivals and gigs, and I don't see myself stopping! I really admire the creative outlet, talent and hardworking from musicians. The bands I'm seeing this year are Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Harry Styles, Blink 182 and Slam Dunk festival. I really can't imagine music in my life, and I've forever thankful for the feelings it brings me every time. 

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