Hello there!


I’m Hannah and I’m a local freelance photographer from Bristol in the UK.


It all started from when I picked up my first camera at the age of 5 and never looked back. And for important knowledge, it was an amazing Nestle Smarties Camera!


Based in the South West, I've been shooting since 2014. A range of styles that cover a cinematic and emotive effect with photographs and filmmaking and a huge creative approach to my work.


Photography is a part of me and my creativity. I create a documentary style of work that tells a story and brings character and colour to each image. I create a story to be told, using images and film. The emotive effect and feel that I capture, is what makes my images unique and powerful. I experiment with a variety of cameras, and branch out for new projects. I love working with people who want a unique angle of their dream.


I am available for social media, lifestyle, weddings and commercial events. Come have a chat!

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