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A Rainy Day Rustic Wedding: Tom and Alex's Unforgettable Celebration

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The couple's rustic-style union at the Registry Office followed by a heartwarming reception at St. George's Hall proved that love shines brightest even on the grayest of days. As the photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the magic of their special day, where rustic charm and rain-kissed moments blended seamlessly.

The day commenced at the Bristol Registry Office, a charming venue with weathered wooden beams and vintage accents, complementing the couple's theme. Tom and Alex, with beaming smiles, looked picture-perfect in their attire, which was a fusion of traditional and rustic elements.

A misty haze enveloped the couple as they emerged from the Bristol Registry Office. The rain became nature's confetti, showering the newlyweds as they shared their first moments of marital bliss. As the couple emerged hand in hand, confetti cannons were strategically positioned all around the exit, ready to create a dazzling display. Ginger Ray cannons were loaded with colourful confetti and shimmering in various shades.

The celebration moved to St. George's Hall, a breathtaking venue nestled in the centre of Bristol. The hall's rustic architecture and natural surroundings merged harmoniously with the wedding's theme, creating an enchanting ambiance.

Alex and Tom expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all their guests who had gathered to celebrate their special day. Standing side by side, they beamed with joy and love, and their speeches were filled with emotion and sincerity. They extended their gratitude to me, which set me back a few tears!

As the rain intensified, the guests moved into the main hall for their wedding breakfast, where the couple had arranged a fantastic catering company, Papadeli. Alex and Tom's thoughtful decision to serve vegan food not only showcased their values but also proved that vegan dishes could be both delectable and memorable for such a special occasion.

Tom and Alex's rustic-style wedding at the Bristol Registry Office and St. George's Hall showcased the power of love to transcend gloomy skies. Thank you for your generosity, kindness, openness to create fun photos, and an example of pure and radiant love. It was a privilege to be your wedding photographer!


Groom’s suit - Hugo Boss

Bride’s dress - ASOS

Bride’s shoes - Converse

Florists - The Rambling Rose

Wedding cake - 404 Bakes

Caterers - Papadeli

Stationary - Bristol Lettering

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